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NDSL Proposal on PIP card restructure

First of all, thanks for having me here at your club meeting tonight. It’s great to have these forums again and even better to go to the source when deciding how the PIP card system can work for all of us.
I would like to thank the recently retired Tony Gains for his massive efforts with the NDSL. He is extremely passionate about all aspects of football. Tony spent a huge amount of his time growing the NDSL and MGL to be one of the top contenders in underage football in Ireland.
I wish the remaining and new committee members all the best with their endeavours to continue this progress within the NDSL. When a long serving decision maker retires from their post there is often an appetite for change. Following the last club meeting Brendan and Gary asked to meet with me so we could trash out how we might improve the system going forward.
The first suggestion was to move the PIP card onto a permanent three-year cycle. However, this move will impact the price of the card to ensure we are able to deliver the same service each interim year.
• The proposed price point is €10.00 per card. Any card application processed since the beginning of our campaign last March and today will be issued for three years at the price they paid. (Proposed by League- approved via show of hands).
The second suggestion relates to the orange card expiration. I would like to point out that the orange card is use since January 2019. An entire 15 months before football stopped due to covid. There is an email that vaguely suggests a 2023 extension; however, most clubs have made great efforts to renew their expired or expiring cards already.
• We propose the use of all orange PIP cards until January 1st, 2023. At that stage only valid orange and purple cards can be used. (Proposed by League- approved via show of hands).
This will reduce the workload at clubs for the 2023/24 season’ where most of their cards would expire at the same time. Meaning the NDSL can implement PIP card use from the first fixture each year.
This December FAInet migrate to the new comet system. Recent developments have alluded to the removal of the league membership feature meaning that essentially leagues may again assume responsibility for player registration. The PIP card system offers a unique advantage as it will ensure only players registered to the NDSL have PIP cards to play here.

Finally, the new card stock arrived last week. We haven’t printed any cards as we await the decision of tonight meeting on whether the card would be issued over two or three years. The first round of the SFAI cups will be played the weekend of October 1st. We will begin printing the new stock next week and either post or organise collection for all clubs from the week beginning Monday, October 3rd. Cards will be mandatory for all games played 8th and 9th of October.
New online deadline Friday midnight – 23rd of September. These cards will be included in the first card batch at the original price. The card will increase to €10 from midnight September 23rd, 2022.

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