Update on Season Start

We are aware there are many requests in relation to holidays etc. and for those teams under 12s to 18s who are ready to start their league they will start on 21st/22nd August.  All other teams including SSG will officially start the weekend of 28th/29th August.

There seems to be a misunderstanding in relation to re-grading.  My last communication stated as soon as the leagues were up and running there will be NO re-grading until the first part of the season is over i.e. November/December.  The Football Committee will meet and they will look at which teams will be promoted or relegated.  This will be possibly the top 2 or 3 teams promoted and the bottom 2 or 3 teams relegated.  I trust this clarifies the position in relation to re-grading.
Games Off
Under no circumstances will games be given off in part one of the season as we have a very tight schedule to have the first part of the season completed.  There is one exception at the moment the FAI Cup Finals will be held on 28th November and the FAI have informed us this will be a closed date for all schoolboy leagues.
SSG Rules
We are working on a set of rules in relation to SSG and we will not tolerate any games being called off at the last minute.  This is so disappointing for the opposition and there will be a fine in place for those who break the rules and there will be no exceptions.
Photo ID 
If anyone has an issue with Photo ID cards or is still waiting on IDs please supply me with all relevant information and I will address them with Grace as a matter of urgency.
We are in a unique position that we can guarantee referees for all our games whereas we are aware other affiliates are unable to supply referees.
SFAI National Cups
We will forward a link for the Entry Forms for the FAI National Cups.  The closing date is 31st August, however, we suggest you do this as a matter of urgency.
FAI Under 17 & 18 Cup
We will forward a link as a final reminder for the entry forms for the above FAI Cups.

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