Statement from Football Committee

This is just an update as to how things are progressing in these challenging times and there is no doubt we all want to get back to playing football for the sake of the childrens' mental health so we are proposing the following two options:

Option 1
To continue our league programme as of the weekend 16th/17th January 2021 and we will be seeking an extension to the end of August to complete our league and our knock-out cup competitions with finals in August.
We are aware there are many challenges ahead in relation to competing our league programmes i.e. Communions, Confirmations, Junior, Leaving Certs, SFAI National Cups, FAI and LFA Cup Competitions.  We all need to co-operate in order to complete a full programme in the NDSL League.
Option 2
The League will commence weekend 16th/17th January 2021 and continue until our programme is completed.  Each division will play each other once and we will also have a cup competition with groups of 4 or 5.  The top two will compete in a major cup competition and the bottom 2 or 3 will compete in a plate competition.  This will add approximately 6/7 extra games in this competition and finals will be in the month of July.  Again we will have the same challenges as stated above i.e. Communions, Confirmations etc. etc. 
We would be obliged if you would indicate which option you prefer Option one or Option 2.  Response no later that 27th NOVEMBER 2020.
Let me also state if we are allowed return to football in December we will organise friendly games for each section of the league until we commence our full programme in January.
Yours in sport
The Football Committee

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