New Football Management System

Important information, for all club secretaries and FAInet administrators, regarding the migration of registered players from FAInet to FAI Connect.

New Football Management System: FAI Connect (Powered by COMET)

 As you aware the Football Association of Ireland is migrating to a new Football Management System, FAI Connect, to replace FAInet. Please see below some key dates with respect to transfer over to the new system:


Midnight on Sunday 04 December 2022 

NDSL/MGL deadline for submitting new player or transfer applications, assigning new/existing players to squads and uploading documentation to squads 


Only players with eligibility dates that have been issued for the current 2022-2023 season will be migrated from FAInet over to FAI Connect. To avoid having to re-register, in FAI Connect, any players that you have already registered on FAInet, the following steps MUST be taken by midnight on Sunday 04 December 2022:


For New Player Registrations / Player Transfers

1. Applications must be submitted to FAInet and required paperwork (registration / transfer form) uploaded at time of submitting application.

2. Once registration/transfer application has been approved by the league, the player must be assigned to a squad

3. You must email to notify the league that you have assigned the player to a squad (please include name of club, name of player, name of squad and FAInet league level of squad)

4. Once a player has been assigned to a squad, providing everything is in order, the league will issue a player eligibility date


For Returning Players Registered With Your Club Last Season

1. Players must be assigned to their respective squads

2. The Block Signature Form (BSF) must be generated

3. All necessary signatures must be obtained on the BSF

4. The completed BSF must be uploaded to FAInet, in the "documents tab" of the respective squad

5. You must email to notify the league that the document has been uploaded (please include name of club, name of squad and FAInet league level of squad)

6. The uploaded BSF will be processed by the league and if all is in order, player eligibility dates will be issued by the league


The above deadline is being applied by the league in order to ensure enough time to process the anticipated high volume of last minute new player registrations, transfer applications and block signature forms and to issue player eligibility dates before FAInet closes on 11/12/2022


Monday 05 December 2022

All NDSL and MGL teams registered on FAInet will be permanently locked and new player/transfer applications will be rejected. It will no longer be possible to add/remove players to/from a squad or to upload any documentation to the squad (ie; block signature form). Therefore, if your club has any registered players that have not yet been assigned to a squad this must be done before midnight on Sunday 04/12/2022 or those players will not migrate to FAI Connect and will have to be re-registered as new players when the new FMS is in place. Also, if you have any players already assigned to squads but with outstanding signatures (block signature forms), please ensure that these documents are uploaded to their respective squads by midnight on Sunday 04/12/2022 otherwise those players will also not migrate to the new FMS.


Sunday 11 December 2022

FAInet closes


Monday 12 to Sunday 18 December 2022

Migration of players from FAInet to FAI Connect (there will be no active FMS during this week, therefore it will not be possible to register/transfer any players during this period)


Monday 19 December 2022

FAI Connect opens



Player Photographs

When FAI Connect opens up, player photographs will be a mandatory requirement when registering a player. The FAI are aware that the majority of players currently registered on FAInet do not have any player photographs uploaded to their profile and with this in mind, they will be allowing a period of grace during which clubs must upload the player photographs for those players migrated over from FAInet. However, if your club wishes to, you can upload photographs to the player profiles in FAInet before the migration takes place and they will then migrate as part of the player profile data. Please note that if the player is under 18 years of age, you must first obtain permission from the parent/guardian before taking/uploading any photographs of minors.



FAI Connect Workshops

The FAI will be presenting a demo version of FAI Connect (Powered by COMET) and have planned a series of Workshop dates across October & November. They will use this time to demonstrate the Player Registration Process for clubs going forward, show how the league fits within this process and further demonstrate the competition management features along with player data reporting and match day apps. We would strongly suggest that both the club secretary and the club FAInet administrator attend at least one of these workshops. The link for booking the workshop, along with workshop content details are given below:


Link to FAI Booking System for planned Workshops > BOOKING LINK


Below is an overview of what the Workshop will run through, we encourage all Clubs to get to at least 1 of the scheduled Workshops.


All attendee’s will follow along as the FMS team takes them through a real time presentation of the below.


1. Introduction to the FAI Connect (COMET) system.  

2. How to view Currently Registered Players

3. How to Register Players (New Players/ Transfers).

4. How to assign Player’s to a Competition i.e. Submit U13 Premier Squad List.

5. DEMO Environment – CLUBS will be asked to log into the test version of FAI Connect. They will be asked to test Register a player.

6. Question & Answer Session to cover any additional queries and additional functions that are available on COMET. 


Workshop Rules 

1. Please keep questions on topic and related to COMET 
2. Please be respectful of other attendees and the staff presenting the Workshop 
3. Bring Laptop/iPad/Tablet to access COMET Demo.



Contacts for any Queries or Concerns

For queries/concerns relating to FAI Connect or player migration please contact the FAI support team directly at

For queries/concerns relating to FAInet please contact Tina in NDSL at

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