NDSL New Season 2021/22

The New Season will start on 7/8th August 2021

As you are aware we are nearing returning to some form of football and the FAI have advised us as of the 7th June you may initiate contact training and friendly matches.  The FAI have stated you may have one friendly match per week in order for players to gradually increase their fitness levels.

We believe that it has been a hard lockdown and I am sure everyone is excited to get back to some form of normality.



The Football Committee have expressed concerns regarding the mental health of all the NDSL players and the anticipation of the league commencing.  The Football Committee have agreed the new season will commence weekend 7th/8thAugust.  Team applications will open from today on our website and the closing date for applications is the 15thJuly.  I would urge all clubs to get your applications in at the earliest opportunity as we do not want to disappoint any players returning to league football.



May I remind clubs that July is a closed month as per the SFAI rule; i.e. players can choose to play with whatever club they wish.



The Football Committee are so frustrated in relation to Saturday and Sunday football.  We cannot understand why clubs are against Saturday and Sunday football and we would encourage all clubs to have all age groups participate in football on both days.



All clubs arranging friendly matches must seek permission from the league and they will submit their request to ndslfixtures@gmail.com. And in turn we will appoint an official referee.



As you are aware that all player registrations will have to be registered with Club Force.  Should you wish for me to arrange a seminar to assist with same, please advise the name of your club and the numbers who wish to attend and I will arrange this as a matter of urgency.  (ndsleague@gmail.com).



Any registration fees received from last season will be credited to your account this season.



The Football Committee also discussed in depth the situation regarding the under 12s last season who had no opportunity to play 9-a-side football and this season will go directly to 11-a-side.  It was felt that when 9-a-side was introduced by the FAI, I always maintained the 7-a-side goalposts were not suitable for 9-a-side football.  Can you imagine playing 9-a-side football for under 13s with 7-a-side goal posts and the average size of a 13 year old goalkeeper the players will be there for a month of Sundays trying to score a goal.  We can confirm the Football Committee have taken the decision to play 11-a-side football for the under 13s.




It is our understanding that tournaments will not be allowed at the present moment.  Should you wish to arrange a tournament before the start of the season you should seek permission from the FAI and cc the NDSL.



Going forward all future communications to clubs will be issued on a weekly basis



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