More Firsts for NDSL/MGL

The NDSL and MGL leagues are proud to announce the new season will commence on the 7th/8th of August.

Countdown To The New Season


The first schoolboy/girls league to resume our full season after Covid-19 and also

  •  First League to introduce 7aside Football (NDSL 1992)
  •  First League to introduce 9aside Football (NDSL 2001)
  •  First League to introduce Role on Role off substitutions (NDSL 2005)
  •  First Leagues to introduce proper academy structures for Girls and Boys (NDSL 1970s MGL 2011)
  •  First League to introduce a Pitch Checker on the our website (NDSL 2003)
  •  First League to introduce Photo ID system (NDSL 2012)
  •  First Girls League to introduce proper grading structures (MGL 2017)
  •  First League to own its own Center of excellence and league complex (NDSL 2003 Oscar Traynor)
  •  First League to introduce a split season (NDSL 2021/22)

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