Update 2022/23 season

Season starts for all age groups 10/11th Sept

U8 to U12 age groups in a split season with some adjustments if necessary Oct bank Holiday weekend 

Full regrade after Christmas break with groups of 6 team groups after Christmas break 

U13 age groups playing in groups until Oct bank Holiday weekend 

Then full regrade U13s and into groups of 8 team groups from Nov to May 

The new divisions can now be viewed for all age groups, just click on the league tables 

Decisions on both Photo ID (issues) and New Referee Coordinator

Will be announced before the season starts

If there are any omissions or errors on playing days 

Please Contact

David U10 U11 0872395187

Brendan 0861016878 U8 U9 U12 to U14

Gary 0872251495 U15 to U18

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