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Dear Club Secretary / FAI Connect Administrator

Thank you to all clubs that have registered their NDSL/MGL teams and players on FAI Connect to date. For those clubs that have not yet done so, we urge you to get your teams and players registered on FAI Connect as soon as possible (end of September 2023 latest). If your players are not assigned to an NDSL/MGL team and showing as "Active" status within the team, then they are not properly registered on FAI Connect and as such, they are not eligible to play in league matches.
We would like to remind all clubs that the transfer window will close on Saturday 23/09/2023 @ 23:59hrs. Transfer applications must be in "Submitted" status on FAI Connect by 2359hrs on 23/09/2023 in order to meet the transfer window deadline.
Please note that this deadline only applies to players that have an active registration with another club; it does not apply to first registrations (ie; players never registered on FAI Connect) or re-registrations (ie; players that have a player profile in FAI Connect but have no active registration).
Before 23 September 2023, all clubs should terminate any players that will not be with them this season so that these players will no longer have an "active" registration and can therefore still be signed by another club at a later date.
The FAI will continue to process transfer applications that are submitted after 23 September 2023 and clubs can continue to assign players to teams for entire season. The league will continue to activate players for the entire season, provided all is in order with the player registrations (ie; submitted prior to deadline, if player transferred from another club) and provided the player is not assigned to a conflicting team.
We are aware that the FAI are experiencing somewhat of a backlog in regards to processing registration applications on FAI Connect therefore, provided your transfer applications are in "Submitted" status before the deadline, all paperwork is in order and there are no issues with the application, then regardless of whether the application is processed and confirmed by the FAI on a date later than 23/09/2023 the player will still be considered as meeting the transfer deadline.
For all queries regarding player transfer applications please contact the FAI Connect Support Team (faiconnect@fai.ie) or use the "Ticketing System" in FAI Connect.
For all other queries please contact myself.
Kind regards
Tina Barker
NDSL & MGL Registrations



All NDSL/MGL Referees are to fill in the following form so that we can allocate games in the most efficient way possible.


NB: Times and Referees are yet to be allocated.  This will be done later in the week.


The North Dublin Schoolboys/Girls League was set up in 1973 and now, over 50 years later we are the second biggest League in the country.  We cater for over 13,500 children between 7 and 18 years of age playing football in our League each week.

The NDSL was the first League to introduce small sided games into Ireland for boys and girls under the age of 11.  The League was also the first to introduce basic coaching for the 7 to 11 year olds.  Small sided games are now played countrywide and have been a great success in the development of our players.

The League in 1999 realised that the way forward was through coaching.  Yet again the NDSL was the first to introduce an Academy into the country.  In September 1999 the North Dublin S.L. Football Academy was launched.  The aim of the Academy is to progress the game of association football through the improvement of playing standards within the League, to improve the standard of coaching and team management within the League, to organise opportunities for advanced coaching and to provide representative football for League players as part of their development.

Our League has a thriving section i.e. Metropolitan Girls League with approximately 100 teams which represent 1,700 girls between 11 and 18 years of age. Also the League has a vibrant Academy within the North Dublin Schoolboys/Girls League and we cater for elite players between 11 and 18 years of age.  We were the proud winners of the Kennedy Cup in 2011-2012 which is the most prestigious competition in Ireland for schoolboy football.  Our Under 15 Academy Squad has just won the All-Ireland Inter-League Competition and our Metropolitan Girls League Under 14 recently won the Gaynor Cup.  These also are extremely prestigious tournaments and we consistently compete in competitions the length and breadth of the country, in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and Europe.

Our websites have over 30,000 hits every week during the season – www.ndsl.ie, www.metropolitangirlsleague.com and also the Metropolitan Girls League has a very successful Facebook Page and as a new League they currently have over 25,000 followers and consistently growing.

Coaching Opportunities

The North Dublin Schoolboys League academy are now looking for coaches to work in our 2018/2019 academy season, coaching positions are available from our U8’s group up to our U16 group.Applications can be made by sending a cover note along with proof of current garda vetting and child protection to the following email address: ndsleague@ndsl.ie.
The criteria for the positions available are as follows:
U8-U11 groups – coaches requirement is a minimum of PDP 2 or equivalent
U12 groups - coaches requirement is a minimum of National C License or equivalent
U13 – 14 groups – coaches requirement is a minimum of UEFA B or equivalent
U15 – U16 groups - coaches requirement is a minimum of National C License or equivalent
The closing dates for applications will be the 15th of September, all applications will be treated in the strictest of confidence.The successful applicants will be required to work under the direction of our academy director, training schedule will be confirmed once positions are filled, training nights/days for the academy will be Monday/Wednesday/Saturdays depending on the age group. 
Expenses will be paid to coaches working in the ETP age groups, these fees will be agreed upon the applicant being appointed by the academy director. 
All successful applicants will be required to sign a contract committing to the academy season of 2018/2019.


MGL Summary sheet

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MGL Application form

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NDSL Team application form

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NDSL Summary sheet

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