SSG Fixtures 29th Sept 2018

All Fixtures are Subject to Change by Fixture Secretary

29th September

Under 7:

Stamullen FC v Balscadden Boys, Gormanstown, 10am;

East Meath Utd v Grange Woodbine, Minnestown, 12pm;

Mid Sutton IDLE.

Under 8A:

Dunboyne AFC v Bohemians FC, Summerhill Rd, 10am;

Ratoath Harps v Rivervalley Rangers, Cityjet Pk, 11am;

Howth Celtic AFC v Balbriggan FC, Grace O’Malley Pk, 10am;

Stamullen FC v Ashbourne Utd, Gormanstown, 11am.

Under 8B:

Maynooth Town v Ashbourne Utd, Rathcoffey Rd, 10am;

Ratoath Harps v Dunboyne AFC, Cityjet Pk, 10am;

Baldoyle Utd v St Itas AFC, Brookstone, 11am;

East Meath Utd v Malahide Utd, Minnestown, 11am.

Under 8C:

Stamullen FC v Balbriggan FC, Gormanstown, 12pm;

Laytown Utd v East Meath Utd, Seafield Pk, 10am;

St Francis M/V v Balscadden Boys, Priorswood Pk, 10am;

Baldoyle Utd v Rush Athletic, Brookstone, 12pm.

Under 8D:

Kilmount FC v Maynooth Town, Mt Olive Ave, 11am;

Rivermount Boys v St Columban’s, Tolka Valley Rd, 11am;

Bohemians FC v Clonee Utd, Inspire Fitness, 10am;

Artane/ Beaumont v Darndale FC, Rockfield Pk, 10am;

Malahide Utd IDLE. 

Under 9A:

St Ita’s AFC v Maynooth Town, Ballymastone, 10am;

Baldoyle Utd v Clonee Utd, Brookstone, 1pm;

Dunboyne AFC v Rush Athletic, Summerhill Rd, 11am;

Ashbourne Utd v Skerries Town, Archerstown, 10am;

Bohemians FC v Stamullen FC, Inspire Fitness, 11am.

Under 9B:

Dingle Utd v Rivervalley Rangers, John Paul Park, 10am;

Laytown Utd v Balbriggan FC, Seafield Pk, 11am;

Ratoath Harps v Kilmore Celtic, Cityjet Pk, 12pm;

Malahide Utd v East Meath Utd, Malahide Castle, 10.30am.

Under 9C:

Swords Celtic v Lusk Utd, Balheary Res, 10am;

Willows FC v Stamullen FC, Poppintree Pk, 1pm;

Artane/Beaumont v East Meath Utd, Rockfield Pk, 11am;

Balbriggan FC v Howth Celtic, St Molagas, 10am.

Under 9D:

Malahide Utd v Lusk Utd, Malahide Castle, 11.30am;

Maynooth Town v Rivervalley Rangers, Rathcoffey Rd, 11am;

St Ita’s AFC v Kilmore Celtic, Ballymastone, 11am;

Rush Athletic v Dunboyne AFC, St Catherine’s Pk, 10am.

Under 9E&F:

Ratoath Harps v Mc Kelvey Celtic, Cityjet Pk, 1pm;

Ashbourne Utd v Grange Woodbine, Archerstown, 11am;

Rivervalley Rangers v Balrath FC, Rivervalley Pk, 10am;

Navan Rd Utd v Balbriggan FC, Ashington Pk, 10am;

Bohemians FC v Clonee Utd, Inspire Fitness, 12pm;

Howth Celtic IDLE. 

Under 10A:

St Itas AFC v Swords Manor FC, Ballymastone, 10am, J Burnett;

Ashbourne Utd v Ratoath Harps, Archerstown, 10am, A Spierin;

Skerries Town FC v Balbriggan FC, Town Pk, 10am, R Robinson;

Rush Athletic FC v Bohemians FC, St Catherine's Pk, 11am, W Scull;

Dunboyne AFC IDLE.

Under 10B:

Balbriggan FC v East Meath Utd, St Molagas Pk, 10am, Paddy Dunne;

Balrath FC v Laytown Utd, Puddin Hill, 10am, K Costello;

Baldoyle Utd v Ratoath Harps, Seagrange Rd, 10am, J O'Rourke;

Swords Celtic FC v Maynooth Town FC, Balheary Res, 10am, N Rogers.

Under 10C:

Maynooth Town FC v Stamullen FC, Rathcoffey Rd, 10am, D Gallagher;

Baldoyle Utd v Laytown Utd, Seagrange Rd, 11am, J O'Rourke;

Lusk Utd v Clonee Utd, Orlynn Pk, 10am, Owen Kelly;

Skerries Town FC v Swords Manor FC, Town Pk, 11am, R Robinson;

Dunboyne AFC v Malahide Utd, Summerhill Rd, 10am, Molly Doyle;

Bohemians FC v Mid-Sutton FC, Inspire Fitness, 10am, P Conway.

Under 10D:

Laytown Utd v Howth Celtic AFC, Seafield Pk, 10am, K Donnelly;

Rivermount Boys FC v Skerries Town FC, Tolka Valley Pk, 10am, F Morrissey;

Lusk Utd v St Itas AFC, Orlynn Pk, 11am, Owen Kelly;

Kilmount FC v Stamullen FC, Mt Olive Ave, 10am, J Harvey;

Willows FC v Dingle Utd, Poppintree Pk, 10am, A Turner.

Under 10E:

Rivervalley Rangers v Grange Woodbine FC, Rivervalley Pk, 11am, N Downey;

Lusk Utd v Skerries Town FC, Orlynn Pk, 12pm, Owen Kelly;

Balbriggan FC v Malahide Utd, St Molagas Pk, 11am, Paddy Dunne;

East Meath Utd v St Columban's S/B, Minnestown, 10am, Iain Ward.

Under 10F:

Balbriggan FC v Artane/Beaumont, St Molagas Pk, 12pm, Paddy Dunne;

Balrath FC v East Meath Utd, Puddin Hill, 11am, K Costello;

Balscadden Boys v Donnycarney FC, Ring Common, 10am, James Byrne;

Malahide Utd v Bohemian FC, Malahide Castle, 10.30am, B Cleary;

Ratoath Harps v Mid-Sutton FC, Cityjet Pk, 10am, C Lawrence.

Under 10G:

Woodlawn Sportslink v St Joseph's E/W, Sportslink, 10am, N Foley;

Artane/Beaumont v Ratoath Harps, Rockfield Pk, 10am, O Walker;

Rush Athletic FC v Willows FC, St Catherine's Pk, 10am, W Scully;

Mc Kelvey Celtic v Ashbourne Utd, Charlestown, 11am, T Buitendijk;

Swords Manor FC v Maynooth Town FC, Brackenstown Rd, 10am, M Wright;

Howth Celtic AFC IDLE. 

Under 11 A & B Cup Semi-final

Baldoyle Utd (A) v Balbriggan FC (A,) Seagrange Rd, 12pm, J O'Rourke;

5mins E/T & Penalties if required.

Under 11 C & D Cup Semi-final

Lusk Utd (C) v Skerries Town (D) or Bohemians FC, Orlynn Pk, 1pm, Owen Kelly;

Balbriggan FC (C) v Dunboyne AFC, St Molagas, 10am, G Clarke;

5mins E/T & Penalties if required.

Under 11 E F & G Cup Semi-final

Kilmore Celtic (E) v Balscadden Boys, Oscar Traynor Rd, 10am, J Gibson;

5mins E/T & Penalties if required.

Under 11A:

East Meath Utd v Rush Athletic FC, Minnestown, 11am, Iain Ward;

Dunboyne AFC v Baldoyle Utd, Summerhill Rd, 11am, Molly Doyle;

Ashbourne Utd v Maynooth Town FC, Archerstown, 11am, A Spierin;

Under 11B:

Balbriggan FC v Howth Celtic AFC, St Molagas Pk, 11am, G Clarke;

St Itas AFC v Bohemians FC, Ballymastone, 11am, J Burnet;

Malahide Utd v Clonee Utd, Malahide Castle, 11.30am, B Cleary.

Under 11C:

Laytown Utd v Malahide Utd, Seafield Pk, 11am, K Donnelly;

Rush Athletic FC v Maynooth Town FC, St Catherine's Pk, 12pm, W Scully;

Willows FC v Baldoyle Utd, Poppintree Pk, 11am, A Turner;

Ratoath Harps v Swords Celtic FC, Cityjet Pk, 11am, C Lawrence.

Under 11D:

Balrath FC v Stamullen FC, Puddin Hill, 12pm, K Costello;

Maynooth Town FC v Rivermount Boys FC, Rathcoffey Rd, 11am, D Gallagher;

Laytown Utd v Cloghertown Utd, Seafield Pk, 12pm, K Donnelly;

East Meath Utd v Balbriggan FC, Minnestown, 12pm, Iain Ward;

Mc Kelvey Celtic v Ashbourne Utd, Charlestown, 12pm, T Buitendijk.

Under 11E:

Darndale FC v Kilbarrack Utd, Darndale Pk, 10am, Liam Byrne;

Balbriggan FC v St Itas AFC, St Molagas Pk, 12pm, G Clarke;

Rivervalley Rangers v Lusk Utd, Ridgewood Pk, 10am, N Downey;

Maynooth Town FC v East Meath Utd, Rathcoffey Rd, 12pm, D Gallagher;

Kilmore Celtic IDLE.

Under 11F:

Malahide Utd v Bohemians FC, Malahide Castle, 12.30pm, B Cleary;

St Columban's S/B v Howth Celtic AFC, Glin Rd, 10am, B Donnelly;

Maynooth Town FC v Balbriggan FC, Rathcoffey Rd, 1pm, D Gallagher;

Grange Woodbine FC v Dunboyne AFC, Woodbine Rd, 10am, P Rooney;

Baldoyle Utd IDLE. 

Under 11G:

Bohemians FC v Ashbourne Utd, Inspire Fitness, 11am, P Conway;

Balrath FC v Balbriggan FC, Seagrange Rd, 1pm, K Costello;

Skerries Town FC v Malahide Utd, Town Pk, 12pm, R Robinson;

Rush Athletic FC v Kilbarrack Utd, St Catherine's Pk, 1pm, W Scully;

Dunboyne AFC v Donnycarney FC, Summerhill Rd, 12pm, Molly Doyle;

Artane/Beaumont v Swords Celtic FC, Rockfield Pk, 11am, O Walker;

Clonee Utd IDLE.

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