Formation for 2018 Season

***URGENT***A number of changes have been made to the forthcoming season structure. Please check out these changes***URGENT***

1.    The season will start the weekend of last week of February and finish on the weekend of  25th November.
2.    We will be introducing a new under 7 division which will commence the first week in March and will be 5-a-side – twin games.
3.    The under 8s & 9s will start on the first week in March and both age groups will be twin games and both age groups will have Saturday and Sunday football.
4.    The under 10s & 11s will be 7-a-side football and it will be single games with referees.  They will commence the season on the weekend of last week of February, we will have Saturday & Sunday football and both age groups will have a cup competition.
5.    We will be introducing Saturday & Sunday football from 8 to 12 years of age.  There will also be Saturday & Sunday football for the under 15s due to the strong interest expressed by clubs.
6.    Cup finals for all age groups from 10 to 18 will take place in the Oscar Traynor Centre in the month of May and we will advise asap on  the exact dates.
7.    There will no midweek games for our league season.
8.    Midweek games will only take place for a cup game - should a cup game be cancelled a midweek date will be arranged.
9.    Under 16 League: Will be in calendar season
10.   The under 18s season will commence the weekend of the early February to June 2018 and they will have a full season starting in September 2018.
Summer Breaks:

  •  Under 7s to 14s in calendar season last games weekend 24th June – return weekend 1st September
  •  Under 15s to 17s in calendar season last games weekend 27th May – return weekend 1st September

11.    All teams are allowed 2 games off in each season providing they give 2 weeks notice and if is this is not adhered to permission will not be granted.  We are aware that if there is an educational tour or religious ceremony the team will be granted permission for a cancellation.  There may be midweek games for those who request 2 or more games in relation to the above.

12.    A league will not be won on walkovers – teams that give 2 or more walkovers can be removed from the League or fined €200 per walkover.
13.    Each division will have a maximum of 12 teams.
14.    Within the next week we will be forwarding to the Club Secretary the number of teams you had in our League last season and we will ask you to confirm your application before Christmas so we can have a Formation Meeting in early January.
15.    Also please note that as per the SFAI rule any club/team wishing to transfer to another affiliate League must do so on or before the 1st November and seek permission from your League.  To my recollection only one club has applied and was granted permission to move.
16.   The transfer window is from 1st January 2018 until 30th April 2018 as per SFAI rule 33(f)

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